Lutron or Rako for your Lighting Control?


-Blind control. Rako offer a range of different modules to integrate your blind motor into. In comparison, Lutron actually have their own range of blind, so the simple choice of what manufacturer you want to go with could simply come down to your choice of blind/blind motor.

-Wireless range. (If going for a wireless system) Although both can incorporate boosters within a system, from scratch a Lutron main repeater will offer 9m range, with Rako’s hub offering a massive 30m. It’s worth mentioning though, this is all very dependant on wall/floor materials, thickness etc.

-Cost. Depending on the style and design of your system (we won’t even get into this!), Lutron is roughly 10% cheaper than Rako, a fair saving depending on how many devices you’re looking to control.

-Switch Finishes. A massive factor for clients in deciding which system to go for. In fairness, both offer a fairly slick range of options when coming to keypad styles and finishes. In our opinion (a fairly controversial one depending on who you ask), Rako edges it, with its new EOS range offering a sleek, efficient design.

Summed up

You could nearly flip a coin to decide, each company will have their own preferred go-to brand. Currently ours is Rako, its keypad options and finishes seem to go down extremely well with clients. And its wireless capabilities for retro fits are second to none when it comes to lighting control…But an extremely tight call it was!