Starlink Installer

Starlink Installation

Starlink is a satellite network developed by private spaceflight company, SpaceX, to provide low-cost internet to remote locations. Smart Systems NI is an independent installation company providing Starlink Installation.

Ireland’s especially rural settings have suffered most from poor broadband and connection issues. Nothing is more frustrating for a business trying to run without an internet connection in this modern world.

Smart Systems can connect your home to the Starlink network by installing their dish and setting this up we’ve seen customers benefit from lighting fast speeds.

How is Starlink installed?

Once you have placed your order for your Starlink device, a member of our friendly team will be in contact with you to organise an installation appointment. Smart Systems will order your devices from Starlink these normally take around 10 working days.

How fast is Starlink?

The use of lasers means that Starlink is able to provide a significantly faster satellite internet connection than ever before. Starlink themselves have said that, in perfect conditions, it could reach consistent speeds of 150Mbps download and 40Mbps Upload.