Home Connectivity

Our Networking Solutions

Our network and Wifi systems are the main tool in homes these days. With our dependence on them escalating with working from home and ever growing use of smart technology. We plan and install a network and Wi-Fi solution fit for the modern day requirements. We follow a strict design process to ensure this works for your home and gives thought to your spaces ascetics. Having a consistent and functional reliable network is the backbone of every modern home. 

Secure, Functional Networks

We design and install Network and WiFi solutions that work within your property, a vigorous design process taking into account the construction and materials used in the build, the interior design and uses of the network as well as future use.

Reliable WiFi Coverage

Wi-Fi is a huge part of a home in today’s modern world. When building or renovating a property it has to be tested and calculated on many factors from the size of your property. Taking into account of materials, windows and right down to interior products such as mirrors and glass doors. Here at Smart Systems NI we will do a full survey post build or post renovations to ensure you get the best coverage.

We want to ensure as all our devices and home appliances all run off the Wi-Fi.