Digital Signage

Engage your audience Increase your sales

Digital signage is widely used to deliver entertainment, information, alerts, digital menus, and advertisements across a wide range of industries. Combining graphics, text, and other visual elements, digital signage offers a powerful medium that can reach your audience most compellingly.

Why Use Digital Signage?

  • Provide high-value information and create a feeling of belonging for employees.
  • Educate and train staff on new products and reinforce corporate branding and company vision.
  • Keep employees up to date with the latest news, announcements, and KPIs by integrating digital signage with enterprise video streaming.
  • Provide facilities or events information, such as wayfinding, meeting room availability, activities, or sponsor information.
  • Make useful information easily accessible by integrating live transport feeds, such as flight information or local bus and train timetables.
  • Create a positive impression by sharing relevant content, including news channels via TV distribution and social media feeds.
  • Promote your products and services within eye-catching digital signage screens powered by IPTV technology.
  • Maintain customer loyalty by displaying discounts and opportunities.
  • Reinforce your organisation’s branding by promoting your services and amenities

Digital Signage in Corporate & Finance

  • Inform and motivate employees with strategic placement of signage screens in the cafeteria, main office areas, reception, or warehouse.
  • Transform your reception area into a welcoming space by reinforcing your company’s brand and enhancing the visitor experience.
  • Enhance the customer experience by creating closer consumer-brand relationships, lasting differentiation, and ongoing revenue opportunities.

Digital Signage in Stadiums & Venues

  • Deliver high-quality, live-action TV, plus news and sports programming, throughout your venue to any screen to keep fans engaged.
  • Offer an exciting, high-quality entertainment experience for guests, visitors and fans, increasing their loyalty.
  • Combine digital signage solutions with IPTV technology to dynamically display visitor information, sponsors’ adverts, announcements, digital food menus and RSS feeds.

Digital Signage in Hospitality

  • Drive additional revenue by promoting special offers as well as your services and amenities.
  • Reinforce hotel branding and inform guests of dining options, excursions or spa treatments.
  • Improve the guest experience by providing unique access to information and entertainment.